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Take the Leap

Eager to give it a go?

Check how you can jumpstart the process of creating the web design custom-made for you! Below is a rundown of how it works so you can start envisioning how things will move in strides for your goals.

happy trails online take the leap approach and process

The Process

Straightforward and fuss-free, we will get your happy trail online up and running in no time.

These three easy steps are what you need to get your awesome web design project process in action.


I will provide a one-on-one discovery chat so we can hear out your visions and goals. We will pinpoint what encourages you and what your BIG vision is. I will explore strategies and designs that will propel your goals. It’s also the best time to see if we’re a good fit!


Get your Action Plan
You will receive your FREE action plan with a strategy and the steps that you can take forward. If you feel that it’s a good fit for your venture, we’ll get things going with a contract. I will onboard you so that you have full visibility on the creation of your business website. I guarantee that you won’t miss a thing.


Testing and Launch

Once the whole process has been implemented, a draft of your website will be ready for a dry run. We will test and check together to see that all functions are aligned to your objectives. Once you’ve given it a go, you’re ready to launch! I will then send you a guide so that you can manage your own content independently!

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